First thing first

When it’s about writing , suddenly you’re in the kitchen making food and a great story pops into your  mind , but yeah it’s not the right time to write because the oven is on and you don’t wanna end up burning your food and not loving it , so how’s this writing thing works ? That’s what i’ve been working on these past few days . Well for writing 2me, i had lots of ideas this whole day but i wasn’t free enough to let go of my chores and leave everything behind , and sit in front of my computer and start sharing already ,  because that’s not how it works for me! Because i was quite sure the moment i’ll start writing the bunch of ideas i had will suddenly fade off and i’ll get distracted again and forget about this whole writing thing and go back to watch my favorite serie once more !  so i realized this ; it’s fine to have random ideas during the day but once you get started there’s a whole new idea trying to replace the old one and trying to have its own shining moment , it’s all about the first word you type and words will come unplanned , and you’ll be surprised when you raise your head up from your keyboard and realize how much you wrote without even noticing and trust me it feels really good , all you have to do is DECIDE , because once you decide words are easy to deal with , so right now i’m certainly ready to use them to support and inspire because words have great power .               🙂


wish we could turn back time!


Only 15Km away from the city where i live ; this shot was taken by a friend of mine , my picture wasn’t good enough so i guess i should’ve taken permission first (i’m sure he wouldn’t mind ) back to our topic ; i came to this place with my little family looking for a beach house to spend a week breathing a fresh air , taking a walk at sunrise, having a beautiful morning breakfast , and you must love swimming early while most people’s head under the pillow , I’ve read once ; it’s great for the human physical and mental health and a well spent day brings happy sleep at the end of it . While discovering the place we realized how much it’s changing year after year , it became one of the most attractive spots , yes you can find a decent  house for rent with a suitable price but yet it’s better to book before a week or two , and finding a parking lot is a massive challenge due to a huge amount of cars. My mom and dad met there by the way , it’s actually a quite cute story they have i’m not going to reveal all the details but they were neighbors , summer neighbors , it’s obvious that they had one of the best times made awesome memories , my mom’s eyes keep sparkling when i beg her to tell me how life was back then , great times she replies , at night when everybody’s gone and the whole place is for the locals , all you can hear is the sound of music , whispering, laughing,treasure hunts,volleyball,frisbee…her last sentence after every story she tells is “yes, nothing is the same now” , wish i could describe it the same way she does . This made me realize that we should appreciate every moment and look around us nothing will be the same in a year .


Its really crazy when you transform and execute a clear idea that’s around your mind and seems so clear to you . I love making diys its the thing that makes me feel happy and satisfied especially when my idea turns out the exact way as i picture it , it doesn’t always work tho, especially when i inspire the idea from Printest or try another Youtuber’s creations ;I FEEL LIKE IF YOU COME UP WITH YOUR OWN PLAN ITS BETTER AND EASY TO ACCOMPLISH .  SO lately i created my own YouTube channel to inspire other people like me  and anyone who’s into recycling and making simple Yet cool objects either to decorate your bedroom , your kitchen and i mean the place around you in general . And as a beginner on youtube i find it really difficult to attract people to see your content nowdays because there are alot of talented influencers out there. SO as a starter posting constantly is really hard , for now i only shared one video last week , i’m brainstorming to come up with the next idea and it turns out to be the worst . As i was searching the other day  i found this and since i love paper art i was amazed by this idea.  beerAND GUESS HOW IT TURNED OUT FOR ME !!!!!!

facebookYES , epic fail thank you ! maybe cuz i underastimated the amont of work it will take . ITS NOT STUPIDITY SOMETIMES IT DEASN’T REALLY WORK.

BUT with a bit of planning, DIY projects are completely attainable. Don’t overreach in your skill set and don’t try to start projects that will require hundreds of dollars in tools. Find a few tools that can help you create several projects and you’ll find that you’re finishing most projects when you want them! and the most important work on your own ideas and improve them you’ll be suprised 🙂

I would like to see some support ========================================= :):)

WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS ? have your DIY ever failed you?

your smile is literally the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life !

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They say , “Enjoy the little things in life , for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”  

*music : Walking on sunshine – Katrina and the waves

I love those random memories that make me stop and just smile , so as i sit here in the living room watching “THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL” , let me mention the things i miss the most about some phases is my life ! *music : The Greatest-Sia

*I miss the times when i hated high school exams, *i miss those old days of slides and swings (i’m still a kid inside) , *i miss the times when i had no concerns about my future

*Playing hide and seek (my grandma used to live in a big house where we could invite as many friends of ours ; hiding in the garage , behind the well ,the laundry room which was reaally scary tbh only the bravest could hide in there ,the house is a school  now )

*TV channels that close at night ( LOL, this one is funny because i remember counting the hours waiting for my favorite cartoon , couldn’t miss the last show at 5PM)

*I miss my pet , i used to have a little dalmatian dog named SPARKIE that i do hope he’s alright wherever he could be right now .

  • “life brings tears,smiles and memories.The tears dry, the smiles fades, my the memories stays forever. 🙂